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New job, school and apartment... FML

August 26th, 2011 at 06:39 pm

Itís been a while since Iíve been here and thatís because I havenít been doing well with my finances. It was easier to ignore it. I need to be honest; sometimes itís just nice to buy whatever you want whenever you want.

So itís been two weeks since Iíve started my new job and thereís a tough learning curve. I donít even have words at the moment to talk about the environment.

My living situation is also a mess. So my roommate and I learned that our landlord had to de-lead our apartment earlier in the summer. The house was built a long time ago and he never completed all the state regulated tasks prior to renting it, which included getting all the lead pain out of the house. Now that heís thinking of selling the place, heís playing catch up. Therein lies the other issues, Iím dealing with, i.e. I had to find a place to live prior to the whole de-leading fiasco. And since my life just has a way of taking the worst possible scenario, I ended up signing the lease for a place that I have to wait until mid-September to move into. The reason being that my new landlord wanted to rewire the entire apartment after the current tenant vacates. So where am I living you ask? Well in the basement of my old apartment until the de-leading is completed (it takes 2 weeks). Then I move back into my old apartment for a week, then I move to my new apartment. The only positive aspect is that I donít have to pay either landlord for the time Iím in the basement.

Iím also starting classes next week, while Iím in the basement so that will be interesting.

AhhhÖ new job, new apartment, new classesÖ I have no idea why I put myself in these situations that are so stressful. Iím also going to list my budget below and hide in a corner while you guys critique the hell out of it.

Yes I know Iím paying too much for the gymÖ yes Iím paying too much rent (actually in the state that I live, that cheap for a 1 bedroom) and my gas is going to be way more expensive than that.

Also I currently have nothing in retirement savings, I plan on getting rid of the music portion, I donít know what cable or electric bills will be in my place. Iím charging as much as I can on my CC because I have a cash rewards program.

Here is my monthly budget:

Total: $2737
Ideal Percentage/Ideal Amount/Actual Amount

1 Rent-Housing 30% $821 $1250
2 Transportation 15% $410 $30
3 Credit Card1 5% $137 $337
4 Student Loans 10% $274 $274
5 Savings 10% $137 $260
6 Retirement 10% $274 $417
7 Gas bill 8% $219 $169

1Following will be charged on CC: gym ($84), music ($15) will change to $0, cable ($ ), cell phone ($52), electric ($ ), food ($100)

Lots of Big Expenses

February 24th, 2009 at 05:50 am

Well it first started with an email informing me that the cable company was raising their rates by $5.00. I was annoyed because I kid you not, if there is a windy day outside, the satellite signal gets disrupted. We loose service if it snows too much or rains too much. What am I paying for if the service isn't up to par. Oh well, I love HGTV and the Food Network too much to discontinue my service.

I also have three appointments coming up in the next two weeks. I only expect a $20.00 copay to have my yearly eye exam and pick up a new box of contacts. My dentist shouldn't be more than $25.00 and I don't know how much the copay or my doc is. My biggest concern at this point is that my dentist will tell me, I need to fill some cavities or need a crown (I've been have some toothaches lately).

I did finish the application to get a reimbursement from my insurance company for $150.00. Hopefully it will clear and I can put that towards some credit card payments.

I also started classes today and I had to pay $1800 out of pocket. I charged it to my discover card and will put the next couple months pay checks towards paying it off. There was also an additional $300 fees associated with the class. The cost of education is disturbing at times.

Service Areas I can Cut Back

February 11th, 2009 at 05:51 pm

I've been thinking of services I pay for that I could do on my own and save some money.

I've already stopped getting manicures on a regular basis and I do them on my own at home. I've actually learned alot just be reading other blogs and websites. I can now do a full manicure that looks great! I just have to conquer the french manicure next. Smile

I'll try to wax my own eybrows soon. I only have to maintain the shape, so that will be easy.

I'm also want to learn how to hem a pants properly. I've done a few sewing jobs on my clothing here and there but nothing major. I want to learn how to do a simple hem so I can save a some money. I'll still go to the tailor but for more complicated alterations.

I'll read some other blogs for ideas.

Keeping a close eye on those store cards

February 11th, 2009 at 05:37 pm

So I recently got two store cards becuase I frequently shopped at these stores. Some friends told me it was a bad idea, but I disagree. If I'm going to get a 20% discount why not? I always pay my cards on time and check my online account frequently.

So for one particular store, there was a promotion with activating the new card. If you used this particular card at non-affiliated store (it could be a grocery store, gas station etc ) you would get a $10 certificate to use at the store. You had to use the card within 30 days of activation and there was no minimum purchase.

So I activated the card and purchased a few staples that I needed at my local grocery store that totaled to $7.00! When I checked my account online there was no credit. So I called customer service and spoke to this woman for 20 minutes explaing the promotion. I was so exasperated that I finally blurted out if you want me to fax the insert explaining the promotion from your company I will!

She said no and instead of sending me a $10 certificate to use in the store she credited my account with $10.00! I was actually happier about that outcome because I basically got my groceries for free and I have a $3.00 credit remaing on the card.

Had I not taken the time to check my account online. I would have been suckered into using my card unwittingly. I shake my fists to the store card companies. I still want the card because I always find well made work pants that fit perfectly there. I never take pants to the tailor when I purchase them from this store.

On another note I paid a few bills today:

Credit Card 1: $113.90 (the finance charges have kicked in so as soon as I get my refung I'll pay it in full)

TV: $60.97

Electric: $62.20

Gas: $170.78 (total before payment: $870.78)

I applied for two store cards....

January 30th, 2009 at 09:36 pm

So I've been putting long hours at work...I've definately done more than my 40 hours a week but I'm not getting paid any more because I'm on salary. Frown Seeing how the economy is failing I do not expect any monetary rewards from my managers even through they know how hard I've been working.

So what do I do? I go shopping! I haven't been shopping in the past 4 months and that's hard for a shopping aficionado like me. I want to reward myself of course, I mean if no one else is going to do it then I might as well. So I'm in one of my favorite stores and I purchase $151.00 worth of items. The saleslady was kind enough to point out that I almost always shop here and I always pay in cash. Why don't I get a store card and pay it off with cash? Well that's a great idea, I thought at the time. I get reward points, coupons and discounts...so I take the plunge. I then realize that I intended to use my debit card that day because I do not carry $150 around when I didn't expect to be shopping.

Then I go to another store and after picking up much needed items for work...I mean I might as well be walking around in rags. I had about $200 worth of items (which were all on sale and were 4 outfits that worked well with other items in my closet). A nice clerk told me I could open a store card and save 20%. So I did and it was about $160.00 after.

After reflecting upon my purchases I know I tried to justify shopping to make myself feel better about being overworked and underpaid. I really wanted someone to show appreciation for all I did and still do at work, so I did it. Well, I love all the items I bought and I plan to pay the balance on the cards today.

I also got myself a manicure that day and it was totally worth it. I was doing my nails at home for the past three months to save a little extra but I need a pro every once in a while. Smile

It's Been a While

December 15th, 2008 at 06:18 pm

A lot has been taking place in my personal life, so I took a long break from the blog. Actually I completely neglected it...and yes I neglected my fiances. But considering what I was and still am going through, It's not so bad.

I was musing today on how to reduce my monthly bills and I think I have a plan. I got the internet on my phone to check my work email but It's not woth it. It was an additional $20.00! Well I shouldn't be so available...the people I work with tend to take advantage of people like me.
I also got a credit watchdog service at $5.99 a month but I don't need it. I'm really good with looking at my statements and they don't update my info as regularly as I would like anyway.

I think I'll look for more focus group. I've already made $75.00 this month from a focus group. Yay!

I love extra cash!

September 17th, 2008 at 09:33 pm

So I deposited $200.00 in my checkings today, which feels good since I just paid most of my bills for the month.

I also got $50.00 from the research study I did last month. YAY! I'll deposit that tomorrow. I had a phone interview with another recruiter for a study that could possibly pay $350. I really want to do it because that would be a much needed loan payment.

It's finacially scary right now for alot of people. I'm making an extra effort to put all my extra cash towards paying off my loans and increasing my savings.

She's actually paying me back!

September 16th, 2008 at 08:52 pm

So yesterday I was so sure that my friend would not pay me back for charging some items for her wedding on my credit card. Now I have to take that back. My mouth dropped as she handed me $186.00! I know it's not alot considering how much she owes me but if you knew her, you would have fainted. lol.

She said that she doesn't want me to feel like I'm being used and that she feels bad even asking her friends to pay for any part of her wedding. As soon as she gets more cash she will give me all that is owed to me. Smile It's not even about getting the money back it's more about seeing her finally acting like a responsible adult.

Yesterday I completed all my financial goals (i.e. paying most of my bills for the month), so I'm just going to wait until all the checks clear.

I signed up for a finacial conference geared towards all women. I was suprised to see the ad as I walked to work, so I went to their website. They have speakers and workshops that address all types of women and all financial situations. This is great, I plan to attend the retirement planning workshop and the homebuying workshop. I'm so excited about it, they have workshops for married women, single women, women in relationships... best part is that it's free! Smile

Hectic Past few weeks...

September 15th, 2008 at 05:13 pm

So I've been bogged down with exams so I haven't been paying attention to my finances but I kept all my recipts. I know I'm way off my food budget and my bills are due really soon.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep going and I am going to try to keep track of all my money. Right now I'm paying some bills and it seems like I'm going to have little wiggle room by the end of this month.

So for the past few weeks apart from studing for exams I helped one of my friends with her wedding. The bad part of having friends getting married is that I had to charge some things on my credit card because she and he fiance maxed out their cards. So now my balance is $1889.52. She has agreed to pay me everything I charged and the finance fees becuase I won't be able to pay off my full balance. Honestly, I don't know when and if she will pay me back. She is a sweet person she just has ideas of grandeur that her wallet cannot keep up with.

I'll just assume the worst (she will not pay me back) and pay off the balance. I'll consider it a really expensive wedding gift.

Today's goals:
I have to order my medication ($50.00)
Pay Macy's (in full:$572.28)
Pay Cell ($49.35)
Pay large school bill($220)
Pay small school bill ($50.00)
Pay credit card ($100.82)

Total: $1042.45

Do I have Chase written on my forehead?

August 25th, 2008 at 03:20 pm

So this week has been hectic. I'm over my food budget and clothing budget.

I've been covering and doing two jobs since my coworker left. They just got someone new to cover so hopefully they don't need me to do a ton of training.

I also has a longtime friend ask me to co-sign a loan for him. I don't know if anyone has been in this position before, but it's a bit unnerving. I want to help my friend but I have to take a step back and wonder, why is he in the position?

Here's a little background: I've known him since high school and he's had a crush on me since then. We became friends in high school and even though we went to different colleges, we've always kept in touch. We never dated because I've always considered him a friend and was never attracted to him.
So when he asked for me to cosign, I thought about all his bad spending habits. He loves shoes and buys expensive sneakers and italian leather shoes. He also love brand name clothing and would never leave his home in anything less. I mean he's always dressed very well, but he can't afford it on his income.

Now he says he needs money for grad school and to buy a new car. Why didn't he think about that before you spent $400 to $600 on shoes!? I have a shopping addiction but I always had enough money to at least make the minimum payments on my credit cards. I never missed a payment becuase I knew that I wanted a home later in life and I needed good credit to get loans for grad school. My friends knew this, so they all know I have good credit. I guess that made me the Loan Center of the group(yeah right!).

This is the 7th person in the last year whose asked me to cosign a loan! I told him no as nicely as I could. I just have to wonder if I have Chase written across my face. They all seem to want to use my good credit. Furthermore why would a friend put another in a position like that? If I was in the same position, I would be embarassed to let my friends know that I was so irresponsible, I can't get a loan on my own.