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I love extra cash!

September 17th, 2008 at 09:33 pm

So I deposited $200.00 in my checkings today, which feels good since I just paid most of my bills for the month.

I also got $50.00 from the research study I did last month. YAY! I'll deposit that tomorrow. I had a phone interview with another recruiter for a study that could possibly pay $350. I really want to do it because that would be a much needed loan payment.

It's finacially scary right now for alot of people. I'm making an extra effort to put all my extra cash towards paying off my loans and increasing my savings.

She's actually paying me back!

September 16th, 2008 at 08:52 pm

So yesterday I was so sure that my friend would not pay me back for charging some items for her wedding on my credit card. Now I have to take that back. My mouth dropped as she handed me $186.00! I know it's not alot considering how much she owes me but if you knew her, you would have fainted. lol.

She said that she doesn't want me to feel like I'm being used and that she feels bad even asking her friends to pay for any part of her wedding. As soon as she gets more cash she will give me all that is owed to me. Smile It's not even about getting the money back it's more about seeing her finally acting like a responsible adult.

Yesterday I completed all my financial goals (i.e. paying most of my bills for the month), so I'm just going to wait until all the checks clear.

I signed up for a finacial conference geared towards all women. I was suprised to see the ad as I walked to work, so I went to their website. They have speakers and workshops that address all types of women and all financial situations. This is great, I plan to attend the retirement planning workshop and the homebuying workshop. I'm so excited about it, they have workshops for married women, single women, women in relationships... best part is that it's free! Smile

Hectic Past few weeks...

September 15th, 2008 at 05:13 pm

So I've been bogged down with exams so I haven't been paying attention to my finances but I kept all my recipts. I know I'm way off my food budget and my bills are due really soon.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep going and I am going to try to keep track of all my money. Right now I'm paying some bills and it seems like I'm going to have little wiggle room by the end of this month.

So for the past few weeks apart from studing for exams I helped one of my friends with her wedding. The bad part of having friends getting married is that I had to charge some things on my credit card because she and he fiance maxed out their cards. So now my balance is $1889.52. She has agreed to pay me everything I charged and the finance fees becuase I won't be able to pay off my full balance. Honestly, I don't know when and if she will pay me back. She is a sweet person she just has ideas of grandeur that her wallet cannot keep up with.

I'll just assume the worst (she will not pay me back) and pay off the balance. I'll consider it a really expensive wedding gift.

Today's goals:
I have to order my medication ($50.00)
Pay Macy's (in full:$572.28)
Pay Cell ($49.35)
Pay large school bill($220)
Pay small school bill ($50.00)
Pay credit card ($100.82)

Total: $1042.45

Can't stick to it...

September 5th, 2008 at 03:43 pm

So I took Fern's advice and talked to BF. He knows his working habits are ridiculous but he is trying to build his career. He feels like it will not always be like this but I disagree. Moving up the corporate ladder demands more time at work. But we'll see...

Went out and spent money like no tomorrow. Bought drinks for friends and went to dinner for her birthday.

breakfast at work 3.75
dinner 31.25
drinks 20.00
cab 20.00

Food $62.34/60.00 (and it's only 5 days into september!)

Contact solution $3.66/$10

miscellaneous $20/$100

Looking back at August & Fighting with BF

September 2nd, 2008 at 03:11 pm

Later on today I'm going to tally all my spending and post the August spending report and do a fresh one for September. I just checked my accounts and here goes:

Cap 1: $1621.95 due (9/25/08)
Macy's: $572.28 due (9/18/08)
Big School Loan: $9032.79 due(1/19/2009)
Small School Loan: $3850 due (9/18/08)

Orange Savings: $2002.92

Amx and Discover are still at $0! YAY!

Goals for September:
1. Get Orange Savings to $3000.00
2. Try to pay off Macy's.
3. Double my payment to the Big School Loan ($220).

I expect an extra $50.00 of extra income from research studies this month, so that will be added to paying off Cap 1.
I really want to see my Big School Loan go under $9000 but the daily interest rates suck.

I also expect an $800.00 expense this month.Frown

On a non financial note, my BF and I are fighting. I'm studying for an exam and he works two jobs, so it's hard to see each other. When I make an effort, something always comes up with him. He is a workaholic and if he thinks that I'm going to stand for it, he's wrong. He wants to get married but I can't be with someone who works like he does. I kid you not, I can see myself having dinner alone for 4 of 7 nights in a week if we get married.

I don't think I'll see him in the next two weeks, and I haven't seen him in a week, grand total 3 wks! Why do I even have a BF!? He wants to spend time with me and so he claims he'll come to work and have lunch with me. I won't hold my breath.
He is a hard worker but he can get so consumed he sacrifices his loved ones. How can I make a life with someone like that? Will he be the type of father that never shows up to his childrens' events? Ugh, he frustrates me sometimes but I love him.