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Hectic Past few weeks...

September 15th, 2008 at 05:13 pm

So I've been bogged down with exams so I haven't been paying attention to my finances but I kept all my recipts. I know I'm way off my food budget and my bills are due really soon.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep going and I am going to try to keep track of all my money. Right now I'm paying some bills and it seems like I'm going to have little wiggle room by the end of this month.

So for the past few weeks apart from studing for exams I helped one of my friends with her wedding. The bad part of having friends getting married is that I had to charge some things on my credit card because she and he fiance maxed out their cards. So now my balance is $1889.52. She has agreed to pay me everything I charged and the finance fees becuase I won't be able to pay off my full balance. Honestly, I don't know when and if she will pay me back. She is a sweet person she just has ideas of grandeur that her wallet cannot keep up with.

I'll just assume the worst (she will not pay me back) and pay off the balance. I'll consider it a really expensive wedding gift.

Today's goals:
I have to order my medication ($50.00)
Pay Macy's (in full:$572.28)
Pay Cell ($49.35)
Pay large school bill($220)
Pay small school bill ($50.00)
Pay credit card ($100.82)

Total: $1042.45

2 Responses to “Hectic Past few weeks...”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I'm surprised she let you put her wedding charges on your credit card... or told you that hers were maxed out. But then again, I think I have a few friends that would do that if I was willing! Here's hoping she will pay you back eventually!

  2. Marian Alvarado Says:

    How do you manage and watch your finances?

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