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I'm not even gonna make an excuse this time...

August 4th, 2009 at 03:46 pm

To state the obvious it's been a while.

I think I have a problem with committing to something and finishing it; perfect example...this blog. At first I started and it was fine...then I neglected it. *SIGH*

Well I used my Capital One credit card to go on TWO...yes TWO vacations. I haven't looked at the balance yet because I'm scared. Maybe it's $5000.00...I donno. *SIGH*

The upside is that it's the only large balance on a credit card. I have less than $50.00 I owe on my Macy's card and then my school loans.

I'm gonna work on my problem of long term commitment phobia by challenging myself to read lots and lots of classic books.
It will probably take years but that's the point. I want to take a large goal and break it up into small doable goals then move on. I will post the list as soon as I can and if there are any suggestions, it will be appreciated.

If I can do this I can apply the same principle to my money matters...large goal broken into small goals.

First goal bring my $9000.00 school loan to under $7000.00 and to bring Capital One to under $200.00.

Can't stick to it...

September 5th, 2008 at 03:43 pm

So I took Fern's advice and talked to BF. He knows his working habits are ridiculous but he is trying to build his career. He feels like it will not always be like this but I disagree. Moving up the corporate ladder demands more time at work. But we'll see...

Went out and spent money like no tomorrow. Bought drinks for friends and went to dinner for her birthday.

breakfast at work 3.75
dinner 31.25
drinks 20.00
cab 20.00

Food $62.34/60.00 (and it's only 5 days into september!)

Contact solution $3.66/$10

miscellaneous $20/$100

Not sticking to the Budget

August 19th, 2008 at 06:35 pm

Yesterday, I was so busy that I wasn't able to pack lunch or plan to pack for this week. Now I'm spending like crazy on food.

Breakfast coffee: $2.50
Muffin: $1.63

Lunch: $5.00

Today, I had breakfast at home but still went out to lunch with co-workers.
Lunch: $7.00
Then I bought snacks: $3.00

There goes the food budget.

I also went shopping:
I needed new sheets because I believe in changing your sheets frequently. However all the washing is wearing the fabric.

I spent $79.24 on 2 sheet sets and an extra pillowcase set.

I also bought a pair of jeans and a shirt :$64.80, a pair of cute flats: $34.99, and a cute French Connection top: $59.00.

Well there goes the clothing budget.

Over Budget and Frustrated

August 15th, 2008 at 02:34 pm

Ok so I knew that this was an experimental budget. I never had one before and I wanted to set limits and make adjustments for the budget for next month. It's just frustrating to see how much money I just spent!

I bought books at B&N that I could not find at amazon.com, overstock.com or half.com--grand total $65.01 for 2 books! What a rip off! At least there was no shipping fee.

Then I registered to take a grad school exam next month--$210! Oh yeah and if I cancel, I only get $105 back! If I reschedule the date, I pay an additional fee.

No wonder many students do not want to continue their education, they can't afford it! So today's spending comes to $275.01 from the miscellaneous portion of my budget(which was $100). It gets better, I have to drive for 1.5 hours to get to the testing site. So the cost of driving adds to the equation.

I'm just gonna suck it up, I mean it's an investment in my future. Hopefully I can continue my education and make way more money than I am now with my new degree.

At least it's FRIDAY!Smile

The Beginning...

August 4th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

Here I am evaluating what got me to this point and slowly I am coming to terms with it.

I worked hard in college and paid my way through school. I never spent more than I had, so I left school with only $14,000.00 of school loans. That was the good ole frugal days.

When I started to work I had more money than I was use to coming in and so after all my bills were paid (thank God i had enough sense to pay the bills first!), I spent all my money on material things. I got a car(which I didn't need), more clothes than I knew what to do with, shoes, bags, and the list goes on.

Then my mom got sick. I moved back home, sold my car and started to pay for everything in the house. In the midst of this I realized that throughout my life I had been in a yoyo relationship with money. I either saved like a miser or spent money like I was worth millions! I never just spent in moderation for my needs. I associated looking good with being successful, but had no savings account to show for it!

I think realizing that I could lose my mom and there would be no one but me to save myself got me thinking. How dare I expect my mom to save me from my self-inflicted financial demise!?

So I am taking responsibility for myself.
I am proving to the people around me that although young people may not always make the right decisions, they can learn from mistakes. I have learned from mine and I hope this blog helps me chronicle my journey to a healthy relationship with money.

Monthly Spending Plan-August 2008

Groceries/Meals $110.93/$40

Household Bills
TV $55.98/$136
Electric $90.03/$136
Laundry Supplies $0/$136

Self Care
Clothing/Shoes $478.47/$140
Hair $0/$140
Gym $82/$140
Beauty $4.95/$140

Movies/Club $19.45/$20

Credit Monitoring $5.99/$529.99
Phone $49.35/$529.99
Macys $52.17/$529.99
Amx $0/$529.99
Capital One $72.17/$529.99
Discover $0/$529.99
Medication $0/$536.99
Small School Loan $50/$529.99
Big School Loan $220/$529.99

Miscellaneous $337.79/$100

Total Expenses $1895.14

Savings Plan
ING Direct $1075/$2000
BofA $800

Total Income $$2331.00