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Keeping a close eye on those store cards

February 11th, 2009 at 05:37 pm

So I recently got two store cards becuase I frequently shopped at these stores. Some friends told me it was a bad idea, but I disagree. If I'm going to get a 20% discount why not? I always pay my cards on time and check my online account frequently.

So for one particular store, there was a promotion with activating the new card. If you used this particular card at non-affiliated store (it could be a grocery store, gas station etc ) you would get a $10 certificate to use at the store. You had to use the card within 30 days of activation and there was no minimum purchase.

So I activated the card and purchased a few staples that I needed at my local grocery store that totaled to $7.00! When I checked my account online there was no credit. So I called customer service and spoke to this woman for 20 minutes explaing the promotion. I was so exasperated that I finally blurted out if you want me to fax the insert explaining the promotion from your company I will!

She said no and instead of sending me a $10 certificate to use in the store she credited my account with $10.00! I was actually happier about that outcome because I basically got my groceries for free and I have a $3.00 credit remaing on the card.

Had I not taken the time to check my account online. I would have been suckered into using my card unwittingly. I shake my fists to the store card companies. I still want the card because I always find well made work pants that fit perfectly there. I never take pants to the tailor when I purchase them from this store.

On another note I paid a few bills today:

Credit Card 1: $113.90 (the finance charges have kicked in so as soon as I get my refung I'll pay it in full)

TV: $60.97

Electric: $62.20

Gas: $170.78 (total before payment: $870.78)

1 Responses to “Keeping a close eye on those store cards”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    You could actually have a negative effect on your credit by opening credit cards like this. I really hate those type of stores, because they prey on people who in this economy, are desperate to save any money they can.

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