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It's Been a While

December 15th, 2008 at 06:18 pm

A lot has been taking place in my personal life, so I took a long break from the blog. Actually I completely neglected it...and yes I neglected my fiances. But considering what I was and still am going through, It's not so bad.

I was musing today on how to reduce my monthly bills and I think I have a plan. I got the internet on my phone to check my work email but It's not woth it. It was an additional $20.00! Well I shouldn't be so available...the people I work with tend to take advantage of people like me.
I also got a credit watchdog service at $5.99 a month but I don't need it. I'm really good with looking at my statements and they don't update my info as regularly as I would like anyway.

I think I'll look for more focus group. I've already made $75.00 this month from a focus group. Yay!