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Lots of Big Expenses

February 24th, 2009 at 05:50 am

Well it first started with an email informing me that the cable company was raising their rates by $5.00. I was annoyed because I kid you not, if there is a windy day outside, the satellite signal gets disrupted. We loose service if it snows too much or rains too much. What am I paying for if the service isn't up to par. Oh well, I love HGTV and the Food Network too much to discontinue my service.

I also have three appointments coming up in the next two weeks. I only expect a $20.00 copay to have my yearly eye exam and pick up a new box of contacts. My dentist shouldn't be more than $25.00 and I don't know how much the copay or my doc is. My biggest concern at this point is that my dentist will tell me, I need to fill some cavities or need a crown (I've been have some toothaches lately).

I did finish the application to get a reimbursement from my insurance company for $150.00. Hopefully it will clear and I can put that towards some credit card payments.

I also started classes today and I had to pay $1800 out of pocket. I charged it to my discover card and will put the next couple months pay checks towards paying it off. There was also an additional $300 fees associated with the class. The cost of education is disturbing at times.

Living through other Bloggers :)

February 22nd, 2009 at 01:59 am

So in order to curb my spending habits I've started living vicariously through other blogs not associated with the SA crew. Smile These beauty and style blogs help me stay abreast with all the fashion happenings, so I don't have an excuse to go to the stores and spend money. I've also learned a few things that have helped me be frugal. For example I traded in my $65.00 body scrub for a much cheaper organic home made version. Yes people in my foolish and naive days I did spend $65 on a body scrub!

On to money matters.... I paid some bills over the weekend and did my taxes online. I put $500.00 towards my Capital One and hopefully I will put my tax return money towards paying off that card. I want to get someone else (a pro) to take another look at my taxes. I'm not getting back much Frown. Maybe I can look at my credit card purchases over the year to determine what was purchased because of work.

Service Areas I can Cut Back

February 11th, 2009 at 05:51 pm

I've been thinking of services I pay for that I could do on my own and save some money.

I've already stopped getting manicures on a regular basis and I do them on my own at home. I've actually learned alot just be reading other blogs and websites. I can now do a full manicure that looks great! I just have to conquer the french manicure next. Smile

I'll try to wax my own eybrows soon. I only have to maintain the shape, so that will be easy.

I'm also want to learn how to hem a pants properly. I've done a few sewing jobs on my clothing here and there but nothing major. I want to learn how to do a simple hem so I can save a some money. I'll still go to the tailor but for more complicated alterations.

I'll read some other blogs for ideas.

Keeping a close eye on those store cards

February 11th, 2009 at 05:37 pm

So I recently got two store cards becuase I frequently shopped at these stores. Some friends told me it was a bad idea, but I disagree. If I'm going to get a 20% discount why not? I always pay my cards on time and check my online account frequently.

So for one particular store, there was a promotion with activating the new card. If you used this particular card at non-affiliated store (it could be a grocery store, gas station etc ) you would get a $10 certificate to use at the store. You had to use the card within 30 days of activation and there was no minimum purchase.

So I activated the card and purchased a few staples that I needed at my local grocery store that totaled to $7.00! When I checked my account online there was no credit. So I called customer service and spoke to this woman for 20 minutes explaing the promotion. I was so exasperated that I finally blurted out if you want me to fax the insert explaining the promotion from your company I will!

She said no and instead of sending me a $10 certificate to use in the store she credited my account with $10.00! I was actually happier about that outcome because I basically got my groceries for free and I have a $3.00 credit remaing on the card.

Had I not taken the time to check my account online. I would have been suckered into using my card unwittingly. I shake my fists to the store card companies. I still want the card because I always find well made work pants that fit perfectly there. I never take pants to the tailor when I purchase them from this store.

On another note I paid a few bills today:

Credit Card 1: $113.90 (the finance charges have kicked in so as soon as I get my refung I'll pay it in full)

TV: $60.97

Electric: $62.20

Gas: $170.78 (total before payment: $870.78)