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Looking back at August & Fighting with BF

September 2nd, 2008 at 08:11 am

Later on today I'm going to tally all my spending and post the August spending report and do a fresh one for September. I just checked my accounts and here goes:

Cap 1: $1621.95 due (9/25/08)
Macy's: $572.28 due (9/18/08)
Big School Loan: $9032.79 due(1/19/2009)
Small School Loan: $3850 due (9/18/08)

Orange Savings: $2002.92

Amx and Discover are still at $0! YAY!

Goals for September:
1. Get Orange Savings to $3000.00
2. Try to pay off Macy's.
3. Double my payment to the Big School Loan ($220).

I expect an extra $50.00 of extra income from research studies this month, so that will be added to paying off Cap 1.
I really want to see my Big School Loan go under $9000 but the daily interest rates suck.

I also expect an $800.00 expense this month.Frown

On a non financial note, my BF and I are fighting. I'm studying for an exam and he works two jobs, so it's hard to see each other. When I make an effort, something always comes up with him. He is a workaholic and if he thinks that I'm going to stand for it, he's wrong. He wants to get married but I can't be with someone who works like he does. I kid you not, I can see myself having dinner alone for 4 of 7 nights in a week if we get married.

I don't think I'll see him in the next two weeks, and I haven't seen him in a week, grand total 3 wks! Why do I even have a BF!? He wants to spend time with me and so he claims he'll come to work and have lunch with me. I won't hold my breath.
He is a hard worker but he can get so consumed he sacrifices his loved ones. How can I make a life with someone like that? Will he be the type of father that never shows up to his childrens' events? Ugh, he frustrates me sometimes but I love him.

2 Responses to “Looking back at August & Fighting with BF”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I hope things get straightened out with your BF... I know you both being busy only complicates the stress! But at least his fault is being a workaholic, not being irresponsible, immature, or something worse!

    I understand though, it's tough when you don't feel like you're being put first. Good job on your debts, keep at it! Smile

  2. fern Says:

    Have you guys sat down and talked about this stuff? I mean, is his being a workaholic kind of a temporary condition, meaning, does he have specific goals that he's working so hard for?

    Hey, if everything else works well between you two, believe me, it could be a lot worse. I'd take a workaholic over lots of other attributes.

    If you're talking marriage, i'd sit down and talk this one out. Let him know how you feel. Maybe he does already, but maybe you guys can work out some compromises about time spent together that you both can live with.

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