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Research is paying off!

August 26th, 2008 at 07:51 am

Tracking my money has opened my eyes. So far the bulk of my income goes towards clothes and food. Now that I know I can make changes accordingly.

I got my check from my research study, $205.30 into my extra income earned for the month! Yay, that will help with the areas I went over. I'm going to deposit it into my bank account today.

I also completed one more research study yesterday and I will be getting $50.00 in the mail. I looked up a few more last night, I'll send out emails today and see if they're still recruiting. Hopefully I can make some extra income for next month.

I also found $1 in the parking lot this morning!

2 Responses to “Research is paying off!”

  1. little l Says:

    Where do you find these research studies to participate in? You are making good extra income from them.

  2. TryingHard Says:

    Hey little l-I usually find them at clinicaltrials.gov, and on craigslist in the et cetera jobs section or volunteer section. I also go to hospital websites. They all have a General Clinical Research Center, where they list ongoing studies. I wrote more details in a blog entry on August 18th. You can take a peek at it if you want really detailed info.

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